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Mirages - Valeria Garci Crespo Lopez
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Pandora Box - Valeria Garci Crespo Lopez
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For this sound project, I was experimenting with recorded sound.

Id tried to create an Ambient-Collage Trak trying to express to

the listener the feeling of a mirage.

Pandora Box is a Sound Installation in which the visitor should knee down and introduces his head with headphones inside a black box. Inside, everything is dark and the viewers can´t see, they just know that they are kneeling on the floor and listening to the sound. 
The main object of this sound installation is to make the visitor feel what the people during war probably feel when living and hiding in bunkers.


To try this sound, I would recommend the following:


1. Make the room in which you are dark

2. Turn the volume as high as you can or use headphone

3. Press play and close your eyes

4. Feel

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