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I made this photos in commemoration of the day of the Dead. Holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. And of course in representation of the country where I was born : Mexico


This photo sequence is for the commemoration of the 25th of November, the day which celebrates the international day against gender violence.

Violence against women is one of the most tangible manifestations of the economic, social, political and cultural inequalities that each year take millions of woman, girls and teenagers of all over the wolrd.


In these photos, I wanted to portrait the obsession that people have in pretending to be someone they´re not. In order to be accepted and camouflage in society.
This was my very first photo project in which I wanted to show my feelings and opinion about the world. 
I wear the suit of society, that protects me from those who are watching me. There's no face, there's no truth, there´s no personality, just a suit... just a mask.

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