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For this project, I wanted to explore the possibilities of creating an interactive visualization of a predeterminate data set and bring it into Mixed Reality. The reason why I decided on this topic is due to the fact that some companies are not only researching what can be done with Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality as well as experimenting in the way of bringing data into our world through this technologies. Data visualization is already a complex topic for itself regarding if it´s visualized in 2D or 3D – always in the two dimensionalities of our screen. How can we defer from visualized data in two-dimension into our three-dimension world, can it be better? how could the perception change? or… how could it be to walk around complex data sets? 



In order to achieve my prototype I first decided on a data set of "the top Spotify songs of 2018" and created the 3D representation of the data points with Houdini for then bringing them to Unity.

With Houdini I divided the data parameters in the axis of the space and the object itself. Then in Unity I transported this objects I connect them to a tracker and made them intractable: each 3D object has a song which is accesible by clicking the object, the name of the song will be then shown in the axis. 

With this said, I believe these technologies and this topic of data visualization through this media has potential and I wish to keep working on it.

More about the project:



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For this project, I work in collaboration with Lisa Collmer and Giang Pham.


Mirror is a project which started at the end of 2018 during the university course “Think like a machine”. In this course, all of us were confronted with a rather new topic: Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

This confrontation made us understand the different aspects of what these technologies are, how they are made and the role that they play in our daily lives. 


Being confronted with a topic that is rather difficult motivated us to show and make people understand what is the connection between AI and ML in their data, their internet behavior and data consumption. Because the content that we all consume can form the opinion and perception of our surroundings and shape our appearance to the Internet and the people that have access to it.



With a critical design approach, we decided to create a  prototype for fake news website with real news where people could click and read the articles that they find the most interesting and see how they profile picture will change according to what they read.


Our algorithm is full of stereotypes, genderization, and generalizations. Machines are trained with human data and our language, the way we perceive an image or a word is mostly not free from creating stereotypes. Machines and Artificial Intelligence are not free beings that can rationalize and differentiate, we might be capable of training them to realize nuances but they still are what they are: a mirror of society.

More about the project:
Mirar ahora
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For this project, i decided to research the topic of Personal AI – for kids and families. 

I find this subject relevant though to the development of technology and the great advancements happening in AI. I believe that we have to ask ourself how will our kids interact with such technologies in the future. What are the things that we want, that we don't and how can we use this technology to improve our children´s development.

Even if this technology scares us, it is in our hands to design their look and their function. Taking control from the start will allow us to live in a safer environment.



Love is an AI-based family service that serves as a companion

for children and as counsel for the parents.

The AI supports the children in their development. It helps with homework, answers questions and offers various forms of entertainment. The interaction with the child is purely verbal.

Parents can use the app to follow their child’s development and communicate with the AI via text or speech. This feedback allows parents to gather ideas for interacting with their children or to

adjust the behavior of their AI. Video chat allows the parents to speak directly with the child.

Through the use fo the app and the help of the AI, parents the oportunitiy to understand the need of their kids better and thus provide better support.

More about the project:





For this project, I worked together with Dustin Kummer. We had to deal with the creation of a banking app that will concentrate itself in the matter of trust or financial literacy.  It was not obligatory to take both aspects but we did. 


Dusting and I decided to concentrate our efforts on the „human“ aspect for the creation of our online banking app. It was important for us to design a solution that could feel more human and more personal, since online banking evolved itself to be a rather impersonal experience where no real human interaction exists anymore. What will happen in the near future once traditional bank branches are no more? If we want people to be more financial literate wouldn’t it be great if you had a coach for yourself? We are social beings so, why not bring an online-based platform that would help you with your finances? And most importantly, can we build trust in an App through human interaction when dealing with a serious topic like money?



YOCO is a financial app that supports and advises you to easily invest. We are an independent service with the goal to improve your financial education so that you have full control over your finances. The main function of the app is to provide you with a personal consultant, a coach, whom you choose for yourself. Basic functions such as displaying your own monthly balance and giving you tips (from your coach) to improve your own finances are included. You can then contact your coach at any time as needed, through the medium where you feel most comfortable from: video call, voice call or chat. He or she will guide you through the process of choosing a suitable investment plan to make sure it's right for you so that you can achieve your goals.

More about the project:


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