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Born in Mexico, raised in Spain and based in Berlin. 

I finished my Master degree in October 2021 in Interface Design at the Fachhochschule Potsdam. 


During my studies, I started to develop a passion for the so called „New Media“ and decided to research for my Bachelor Thesis how immersion and our visual perception have an essential point in the production of future entertainment that will captivate audiences.

Later I took this one step further in my Masters, in which I researched how designers can use AR and Empathy to bring the complex topics like climate change closer to audiences (emotionally and physically). 


As an international creator, I‘m engaged with new solutions, ideas and the development of a better future. I love to create, improve, learn and do every aspect of my life with passion and perseverance. In my free time I am working towards being full-time involved in the design of the Metaverse, meaning I am fiercely passionate about XR Design.

I love to collaborate and take on new creative challenges so don't be shy! 

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